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About TEG

A Bit of Background

TEG is a grassroots environmental group based in the foothills west of Boulder, Colorado. It's mission is to stand up for the local environment when it is threatened and has a history of taking on local environmental challenges, as they arise and when prompted by the community to take action.  TEG is an organization of volunteers dependent on the initiative and leadership of community members.

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What We Do

Environmental Action Campaigns

Working to Protect the Environment

Helping community volunteers focus their efforts to be as effective as possible.  It’s all about locals stepping into leadership on issues that affect many.  Our environment is part of the Commons - it takes all of us to care and protect it.


Supporting Local Initiatives

Fundraising Guidance

TEG has run successful fundraising campaigns and can advise on how to get the ball rolling.  Your leadership is key - it takes initiative.

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