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DailyCamera Letters: Editorial staff needs to reevaluate opinion on Gross Reservoir

Jun 27, 2019
By David Maclennan

Quentin Young’s editorial on June 23 is astonishing in its assertion that Gross Reservoir expansion makes sense.

This project, the largest construction project ever proposed in Boulder County, flies in the face of every aspect of the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan. That plan speaks at length of the respectful stewardship and preservation of natural systems, of the need to protect environmental resources and open spaces and to engage the public in the planning process. Denver Water’s plan to expand Gross Reservoir is anathema to all of this.

Boulder County has a national reputation as a place of uncommon natural beauty that is protected and valued. Our “brand” is one of environmental consciousness. So when Denver Water’s plan to expand Gross Reservoir came up, Boulder County rightly asserted their legal right (via Colorado’s 1041 statute) to review this enormous project. Denver Water appealed that right and when our county commissioners upheld it, they filed a lawsuit against the county.

Young notes that a Grand County commissioner warned of “a ton of litigation” if Boulder were to block the Gross expansion. Denver Water is trying to deny Boulder County the right to review the project and Grand County threatens us. What are these entities so worried about that they are trying to bulldoze this project through?

Denver Water needs to stop their nuisance lawsuit and go through the 1041 permitting process. Boulder County needs to objectively review the impacts of the project and decide if it is in alignment with their Comprehensive Plan and if it is necessary and appropriate. The Daily Camera editorial staff needs to re-evaluate their opinion of this project.

David Maclennan - Boulder

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