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Denver Water Drops Lawsuit

Jul 31, 2020
By Beverly Kurtz

Agrees to go through 1041 process

Denver Water has withdrawn their court case against Boulder County and has announced that they will submit a 1041 permit application for expanding Gross Dam per state statute. This is something the county, with our support, has been pushing for. We DO want to celebrate that! However...

Denver Water has shown time and time and again that they have no compunction in overrunning local regulations in their quest to undertake the largest, most destructive construction project in Boulder County history. The Daily Camera article on Thursday, July 30th quotes a Denver Water spokesman saying "We have long welcomed, and incorporated, input from Boulder County and the project neighbors and we look forward to continuing that process at the earliest possible date." Interesting perspective given that they have cost the county much money and aggravation by fighting against the regulation requiring them to go through the local permitting process. Suing the county hardly showed good intentions.

So why the change of heart? The zebra has NOT changed its stripes. The recently issued FERC license order dictates that Denver Water start this project within two years and complete it within seven. Since it is no longer in their best interest to postpone a decision on the requirement to do a 1041 application, Denver Water suddenly claims to be good neighbors. WE ARE NOT FOOLED!

Boulder County 1041 permitting requirements are very stringent. We completely expect that Denver Water's goal is to 'dismiss' any significant issue around whether the project gets built - and that this will all very likely end up in court again. But in the meantime, we'll take this as a WIN!

It's absolutely critical that our Boulder County commissioners stay strong in requesting detailed plans and that they review and accurately assess the detrimental effects this project will have on the county's ecosystem and citizens. They must force Denver Water's compliance with Boulder County 1041 requirements. Please write the commissioners today to insist that they continue their vigilant defense of our county:

Another great way to help would be to write letters to the editor of the local paper. It's easy to do - here are the guidelines. You can just email your comments to the Camera.

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