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Expanding the playing field for racial equity

Mar 13, 2021
By Luke Runyon

Late last year, the seven states that make up the Colorado River basin -- Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, California, Nevada and Arizona -- indicated that they were ready to start negotiating future water management policies. Who's at the existing table? The existing table in terms of policy in the Colorado River truly is controlled by the basin states and the federal government. Many other perspectives, like the river’s cultural and spiritual value or its ecological role in some of the driest reaches of the country, are ignored or rejected. To date, the 29 federally-recognized tribes in the watershed have been left out. Read the NPR Article here about how the negotiations need to be changed to meet the deadline to finish a new agreement  - just five years from now. The future of the water supply for 40 million people is on the line.

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