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FERC license does not give Denver Water the green light

Jul 29, 2020
By Josh King

Earlier this month, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) granted Denver Water an amendment to its Gross Dam hydropower license, which gave federal approval to proceed with design and construction to expand Gross Reservoir. However, the FERC order also states that Denver Water must “comply with all applicable State, county and municipal laws, ordinances, and/or regulations.” One in particular is Colorado Statute 1041, which gives Boulder County the authority to review this project and to deny it if appropriate. Boulder County initially denied Denver Water’s request to be exempt from its review, but Denver Water is now appealing this decision through the Colorado Court of Appeals.

Denver Water sees the FERC order as a green light to move forward with the expansion of Gross Reservoir, but that’s just not true. The full approval of the expansion is a long way from being finalized. With our coalition of other concerned organizations, TEG is supporting Boulder County in their ongoing legal fight against Denver Water, and in a federal case against the Army Corps of Engineers for issuing a flawed permit.

Remember, it is not a done deal yet, and together we can stop this!

Read more in this recent CPR News article.

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