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Water Crisis Looms - If Colorado fails to meet its legal obligations

Nov 20, 2019
By Jerd Smith

According to an article published by the Colorado Sun on Nov 20th, 2019, the Colorado River Risk Study finds that water sufficient for more than 1 million homes on the Front Range could be lost and thousands of acres of farmland on the Western Slope and Eastern Plains could go dry if the state can’t supply enough water from the drought-stricken Colorado River to downstream states as it is legally required to do, according to a new study. 

Among the Colorado River Risk Study’s key findings:

  • In the next 25 years, if the state does nothing to set more water aside in Lake Powell, the Front Range could lose up to 97% of its Colorado River water.

  • All but two of the state’s eight major river basins, under that same “do-nothing” scenario, also face dramatic water cutbacks.

  • If Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico increase their water use by as little as 11.5%, as predictions indicate they will by 2037, the risk of a legal crisis spurring such cutbacks on the river doubles, rising to 78% from 39% under one scenario, and to 92% from 46% under another.

This has a direct correlation to the fight against Denver Water's environmentally devastating plan to expand Gross Dam and Reservoir. We have to find sustainable ways to deal with looming water shortages. Building a bigger dam to trap water that simply will not be available is nonsense. Please read the article for details - an informed public is demanding that Denver Water rethink this project!

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